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Custom Patches Design For Prestige

Your business is not just anything that exists for the moment and then fades away in time. It is your life, your career, your profession. It gives you hope for the future. It is something that stands for who you are. It is the essence of your dream.

custom-patchesYour business is like those custom patches in military’s uniforms. A patch gives a military man a certain prestige as he carries in his arm the emblem of his hope and dreams not only for himself but for his whole country – the one he truly serves with his life and passion.

To distinguish your business from among the multitude of businesses carrying the same product line and brand that you have, you need to carry an emblem that will stand out among the rest. An emblem that will not only represent your business but may as will bring respect to the man behind the business, and that’s who you are.

A custom patch can do a lot for that emblem. Designing an elegant emblem that brings out every attribute created purposefully to emerge as a leader in the industry where you belong will do much for your company or business.

A simple but elegant custom patch can help much in your visibility and image building. While people see a visual image of your company’s representation, the picture remains in their memory.

Customized images such as those you saw in patches sewn or attached in clothing, uniforms, bags, or caps are just some of the effective visible tools of promotion. Even a country’s flag have their emblems customized as patches.

Here are ways to of displaying your business or company’s emblem either for representation, image-building, branding or promotion.


When your company requires your employees and labor force to use uniforms, it’s best to equip them with custom-designed patches as well. You may have them on uniform lapels, chest or arms depending on the design.

For tailored uniforms, smaller patches can be elegant than larger ones but for casual uniforms, you can have medium-sized patches on t-shirts, caps, or on pants back pockets. It’s also great having your patches on backpacks as well. You can always use your creativity to enhance the appearance of your custom patches on uniforms.

You can also sponsor sports events where you can have your custom patch designed on Uniforms. This is a great exposure for your company especially when the game or sports event is a big and a popular one. However, this can cost you a lot. You can also sponsor just one team if you want to minimize cost. But take note that you can always profit from this exposure in the long run.

Souvenir Items

You can also use these patches on souvenir items to commemorate some important competitions, tournaments, and events.

Sometimes, you may come across some commemorative items in eBay being sold for football, soccer of any form of sports Competition. Imagine if your company’s custom patch can become like these items in the future?

Martial Arts Emblem

Martial arts organizations likewise use patches for their emblems. They either have them attached to their robes or shorts or whatever uniforms they wear to signify their identity.

Rock Bands

Patches are perfect emblem for your group and a great way for your fans to show you their support. Avid fans are loyal to their “idols” and most often, they want to show how patronizing they are by keeping anything they can use to relate them to you. Patches are just perfect for such purpose as they can always wear them in their shirts, pants, bags, or caps. In fact, you will even be surprised to see how creative your fans can be.Custom-Patche

Custom patches can even generate your income if you cannot handle giving them away for free. After all, fans are just too happy to take notice of their spending.

If patches can work well with “rock n roll bands”, so can they work great for local traditional bands. See how these patches can look great even on those glamorous majorette’s uniforms!

Local Government Units Custom Patches

Most local government units uses emblems signifying the kind of services they are providing. This is usually embedded on their employee’s uniforms. Knowing those local government units are constantly exposed to various people in different industries, a nice perfect custom patch on a worker’s uniform is enough to assure the people of a great public service our government can provide.

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